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Coco Knee Highs

Beautifully patterned above knee-highs. Available in Nero.Material: 85% Polyamide,15% Elastane.

Bezuciskowe 15 Knee Highs

Lycra knee-highs with comfortable and anti-pressure band and reinforced at the toes. 15 Denier. Available in Beige.Material: 85% Polyamide,15% Elastane.

Gabriella Classic Zakol Microfibre 151 Knee Highs Nero

Mikrofibre 151. Fine transparent stretch above knee highs. Silky to touch with anti-pressure band. 50 Denier. Available in Nero.Material: 85%

Fishnet Knee Highs Nero

Lycra fishnet knee-highs which are very comfortable and are with an anti-pressure band. Invisibly reinforced.Material: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane