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Cotton Gods

Specially designed for the vaping industry. Cotton gods are 100% organic and USA grown Premium Grade cotton. The thick fluffy fibres

Wotofo Xfiber Cotton for Profile (60mm x 6mm)

– Pack of 10 – 100% Organic Cotton – 60 x 6mm – Electro-Cleaned, Healthy Purification Process – Selected Long

Cotton Bacon – Version 2.0

– Cotton Wicking Material – Net Weight 0.35OZ (10G)

Cotton Bacon – PRIME

– Cotton Wicking Material – Net Weight 0.35OZ (10G) – Made in the USA

Datt White Stuff Cotton

Datt White Stuff is a Class A Organic Cotton providing a consistently high quality flavour with NO dry hits! Its one of the first ever cotton to provide instant flavour  easy wicking comes in 10 strips ready for the user to use.