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Innokin Prism T18E Coils (5-Pack)


Compatible with Innokin Prism T18E tank (including T18E Kit and T22E Kit).

5 per pack.

Innokin iSub Coils (5-Pack)


Compatible with Innokin iSub tanks.

5 per pack.

Innokin Prism-S (T20-S) Coils (5-Pack)


Compatible with Innokin Prism T20-S tank.

5 per pack.

Innokin Crios Coils (4-Pack)

  • Pack of four replacement coils for the Innokin Crios Tank
  • Organic cotton wick
  • 0.25ohm or 0.65ohm

Innokin Zenith Coils (5-Pack)


Innokin Zenith Coils are replacement coils for use in the Innokin Zenith Tank only.

1.6ohm (10-14w)

0.8ohm (15-18W)

0.5ohm Plexus Mesh (14-19w)

Innokin Jem Coils 1.6ohm (5-Pack)


Replacement coils for use with the Innokin Jem tank/Jem kit.

Innokin Scion Four Core Coils 0.36 ohm (3-Pack)


Compatible with Innokin Scion II tank (including Proton Kit).

Innokin Scion Plex3D Coils 0.14 ohm (3-Pack)


Compatible with Innokin Scion/Scion II Tank & Plex Tank.

These are the only coils recommended for the Innokin Plexar kit.

Innokin Sceptre Coils (5-Pack)


Replacement coils for the Innokin Sceptre.

Available in 0.5 ohm (Direct Lung) or 1.2 ohm (Mouth-to-Lung)

Innokin i Sub Coil (Pack of 5)

Pack of five replacement coil heads for the Innokin iSub and iSub G atomizers Available in 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 1.2

Innokin Jem Coils (Pack of 5)

Innokin Jem Coils (Pack of 5) Designed to provide intense flavour and be long-lasting, the Innokin Jem Coils have a