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Side Table With Pet Bed

A beautiful piece of furniture with dual purposes for pet-friendly homes.

2 x Wooden Nesting Box DGI-3956

The nesting box can be wall-mounted and is perfect for a garden wall, shed or tree. The beautifully crafted nesting box gives wild birds the chance to thrive and is perfect for bird watchers to attract to your garden so you can spot them from the comfort of your garden/home.

4 x Wooden Nesting Box DGI-3956

This traditional garden birds nesting box is ideal for a variety of small wild birds such as robins, sparrows and blue tits. The bird box comes with a hinged lid which allows you to insulate the box properly and leave food inside where it is dry and safe.

CC Super Soft Microfibre Pet Dog Cat Towels 2pc Set Groupon

This pack of 2 microfibre pet cleaning towels is perfect for when you need to bath your pet as it can take away the stress and mess of for you and more importantly for your pet.

Bug Hotel & Bird Box Combo

With our Bug Hotel and Birdbox Combo, you can provide garden birds and insects with a safe environment to make their home.

1 x Pet Living Soft Handle Dog Lead RANDOM 6.5 mm x 120 cm up to 60LBS

This soft handle dog leash is perfect for when you are out walking with your pet dog as it allows you to maintain control of your pet comfortably with its soft padded handle.

Ancol – Self Heating Pet Pad Cat/Dog Bed – Medium

Reflects pet's heat back No power or batteries needed Ideal for puppies & kittens Ideal for older pets

Ancol Air Hold Padded Dog Lead Red 180cm Long

The padded handle is a major benefit when exercising dogs especially if they pull. Thousands of tiny air pockets act

Ancol/Pure Dog Listeners – Stop Pulling Dog Training Harness & Lead Set – Large Size 7-8 (inc DVD)

A Revolutionary Harness And Lead Set To Help To Train Pulling Dogs Not To! Helps The Owner Take Control Of The Walk And Encourages The Dog To Listen And Connect. Comes With A DVD Tutorial.

Beaphar Toothpaste for Dogs And Cats, 100g

For fresh breath Anti-plaque Anti-tartar Without fluoride Liver flavour