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New 1.5L Pressure Pump Sprayer Hand Held Garden Water Spray Weed Kingfisher DGI-3960 AS-60464 KING-PS4000

These pressure sprayers are designed to be used safely with garden chemicals such as pesticides and weed killers to keep garden maintenance simple, featuring a built-in safety pressure release valve that allows you to release any pressure still in the sprayer once finished usage, so you can store the sprayer safely.

Snap Action Female Hose Fitting

This outdoor garden hose fitting easily attaches to the end of a hosepipe that is to be connected to an outdoor tap.

10L Pressure Sprayer

Suitable for watering gardens, cleaning and pest control, automotive, cleaning furniture and glass.

Kingfisher 16L Knapsack Sprayer AS-60501

16L KNAPSACK GARDEN SPRAYER - This large knapsack garden sprayer is a function and practical pressure sprayer that can be used in the garden for general watering, weed killing, pest control, fertilization or even as a cleaning toolLOCKING TRIGGER SPRAYER FOR CONTINUOUS SPRAYING - The garden sprayer features a locking trigger spray handle which allows you to easily control the spraying lance to cover an area in the garden without having to control the pressure pump manuallyDOUBLE CAPACITY PLUNGER PUMP- The double-action, easy to use plunger pump allows you to comfortably get the pressure build-up required and it is all operable in one handADJUSTABLE SPRAY PATTERN & FLOW RATE - Featuring an adjustable spray nozzle for different purposes allows you to control the p[pattern and flow rate of the waterINCLUDES A SHOULDER STRAP - The 16L knapsack sprayer includes a handy shoulder strap that makes carrying the vessel very easy. It can also be used by both left and right-handers

Kingfisher 3L General Sprayer | AS-60471

Shoulder strap adjustable spray lance and trigger lockIncludes safety pressure release valveIncludes safety pressure release valveIndividually shrink-wrapped

Kingfisher 50ft 15m Kink Resistant Lay Flat Hose Set ITP-K-42336 AS-33932 TWL-1175 GH010 DGI-3909 AS-05250


Kingfisher complete Spray Gun Set

COMPLETE WATER SPRAY HOSE HEADSET - This water spray set is ideal for general watering tasks and includes the fittings and fixtures to turn your hose pipe into an integral water spraying garden tool6 CHANGEABLE SPRAY SETTING - The water spray nozzle and trigger features a twist system that allows you to change the shape of the nozzle to 1 of 6 different settings which are, Flat, Mist, Jet, Cone, Shower and QuadTYPICAL GARDEN FUNCTIONALITY - The flat spray setting can be used to clear paths of leaves and dirt, while the mist setting will lightly water plants without damaging them. The jet function can be used to remove stubborn dirt from many surfaces and the soaker can be used to fill a bucketTOUGH MATERIALS- The water spray attachment is made from frost resistant and shatterproof ABS plastic

Whitefurze 10L Watering Can Flower Green with Detachable Sprinkler Rose

Contemporary design Complete with detachable sprinkler rose to control water flow Features a handy storage point for the rose when not in use Wrap around handle for easy to pour use

Whitefurze Lightweight Plastic Watering 10L Can Garden Plants Indoor Outdoor Watering Can – Red

Plastic watering can. Long spout to make watering plants easy. Handles to make pouring easy. Detachable rose. Ideal for use indoor and outdoor.

ZZ Garden Kraft 2 Tier Barrel Fountain benross TWL-1491 BRONZE

2 tier barrel water fountain Plastic construction Quick and easy assembly The water pump is hidden within the feature Ideal for any garden, patio or decking Rated Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz / 6W

Stretch Hose Expandable Water Hose Brass Fittings

You’ll find your Stretch Hose Pro expanding garden water hose is incredibly useful for watering plants, window boxes and gardens, You can also use it for filling children’s play pools and for having water fun.