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2.2kg Magnetic Pick Up Tool 7.5″ Telescopic Magnet extendable to 32″

This Magnetic Pick-Up Tool is portable in the home, garage, yard and office for picking up metal parts, hardware tools, nuts and bolts, etc.

Litter Picker Grab & Grip Reaching Litter Rubbish Pick Up Tool

Magnetic Tip - Easy To Pick Up And Retrieve Metal Items. Twist Function - The Pincer Arms Of The Grabber Can Be Twisted. Easy To Use - Trigger Handle Tool Makes This Item hassle-free. Left Or Right-Handed - The Litter Picker Is Produced To Be Used By Left-Handed And Right-Handed People With Equal Ease. Lightweight - The Tubular Arm On The Gripper Has Been Made From High-Quality Aluminium Which Is Lightweight And Very Durable.

Telescopic Fruit Picker With 3m Handle

Ideal for picking apples, pears and other fruit. Includes 3m Yeoman Telescopic Tree Pruner pole.