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Electric Scooter 25km/h Adult EScooter 8.5Inch 350W 7.5Ah

Brand Name: iScooter Certification: ce Power: 201-500w Foldable: YES Voltage: 36v Applicable People: Unisex Charging Time: 3-4 H Range Per Charge: 15-25km Category: Two-wheel Scooter Model Number: i9 Tire Size: 8.5

49cc Top Of The Range Stand Up Gas Scooters

Our highest spec micro petrol scooter. Upgraded to have both a rear and a front mudguard, sealed front shocks, and a pair of foot pegs. This model is feature packed with front and rear shocks, extra thick aluminium deck, front and rear mud flaps, adjustable folding seat and many more features not found on other scooters. The 49CC engine with safety cut off switch on the handlebars is powerful pushing the scooter with lots of speed.

Budget 49cc Mini Petrol Scooters With Suspension

Meet the 49cc petrol scooter. We have upgraded this fast model with front dual shock suspension. Other features include 9" pneumatic air filled tough tires, Aluminum Mag wheels, front and rear vented disc brakes and easy fold-able design. This scooter is super strong, it’s frame is made of high tension steel and a large standing deck made of high grade lightweight Aluminium with a machined logo. This petrol powered scooter is fantastic value, great fun and travels up to very nippy speeds.

X1 Super High 55km Range Fastest Electric Scooter

The X1 is our new flag ship top of the range folding electric scooter. It has the highest range of all our scooters with distances per charge of over 55km possible (depending on weight and terrain). It is also the quickest with a high top speed. This is thanks to the 48V powerful brushless motor and biggest available 48V 18Ah battery. The speed and range are not the only things to consider when purchasing a scooter though, the build quality and additional features are also important and the X1 ticks all the boxes. The frame is made from strong but light solid aluminium with cut-outs to further reduce the weight for increased speed and range. The build quality is excellent with twin front shock absorbers, rear shock absorber, heavy duty 10 inch off and on road tyres and proper disc brakes. Other features include LED strip side lights, front light, key start to avoid theft and comes with a removable seat.

Zipper Electric Scooter 800w With Suspension

The 800w is a top of the range electric scooter with a seat. Looking for the highest quality electric scooter with all of the extras included? This 800W scooter is feature-packed and has it all including front and rear shocks, a hard ABS deck with a cool design and a very strong frame made of high tension steel. This scooter also has a wide deck, large size wheels and is chain driven to ensure a quiet pollution-free ride. The ability to cover up to 33KM per charge makes it a sought after product.

Zipper M6 350w Electric Scooter

This 350w electric scooter is great fun and also a practical alternative mode of transport. The scooter is reliable and nippy, turning in a fast top speed and a range of up to 25km depending on load and terrain.

Zipper M6 Electric Scooter With Seat, Cargo Bag, Suspension & Key

The Zipper M6 electric scooter cargo version is great fun. The 350W brushless motor gives plenty of power and speed. This version has been upgraded with rear suspension to give a softer ride, a large cargo bag that is great for practical storage, and a key start for security. Other standard features include a spring loaded comfy seat, a digital power display, LED lights and bigger 12 inch tyres for a safer and comfier ride with more ground clearance.

Zipper S5 350W 9AH Electric Scooter With Seat – Multiple Colour

The S5 is easy to use an electric scooter with a low price tag. It features a comfy spring-loaded seat and fat grippy tyres for a comfier, safer ride. With a simple twist to go throttle and bicycle-style brake levers, the S5 is a no-nonsense scooter for people who just want to get on and ride. Other features include key start, battery level indicator and folding seat and handlebars for easier transport and storage. IMPORTANT - Please note decals and minor details may vary from the pictures but all specifications remain the same. Foot decks may come in different colours and handlebar styles may vary.

Zipper A1 250W Electric Scooter with LCD and Brake Disc

The A1 has been built with durability and reliability in mind. We started off with the frame. You will see it is a solid steel frame that connects directly to the vertical stem. If you look at most other scooters there is a separate join between the deck and the stem. This makes them weaker and unreliable. We tried that design in the past and it can snap under load. This single-piece frame design on the A1 makes it so much stronger. Then there is the brake. Usually, scooters in this price range will have an electronic brake only but again from past experience we know those types of brakes are weak. The A1 has a proper disc brake system as used on bikes and cars. It gives much better-stopping power and therefore a safer ride. Finally, the electronics have been kept clean and simple. Too many scooters are focused on gimmicks with lights all over the place and big LED displays. This makes the electronics unreliable and they are not needed. The A1 focuses on what is important making it one of the strongest and most reliable scooters on the market. The power system combines a powerful 250W brushless motor with a 36V 6000mAh lithium battery giving a range of up to 20km and fast top speed depending on weight and terrain.

Zipper A1 Electric Scooter – Pro Version

The Zipper A1 is our new folding electric scooter. This is the PRO version with a bigger 8Ah battery that gives an extra 30% range. The A1 features a much more convenient and easier to use disk brake system with a handlebar type leaver like found on a bike. Other features include a stronger solid frame and construction, LCD control panel, front and rear LED lights and 8.5-inch anti-skid tyres. The power system combines a powerful 250W brushless motor with a 36V 8000mAh lithium battery giving a range of up to 25km and fast top speed depending on weight and terrain.