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Taigen 1:16 Hand Painted Tiger 1 Rc Tank Late Version

This is another stunning acrylic hand painted radio controlled tank from Taigen. As well as the painted finish other upgrades include a metal chassis, metal gearset, metal barrel and cool painted replica tank commander. It also has the features you would expect from any Taigen tank such as 30 meters shoot distance, bigger 2000mAh battery, latest 2.4Ghz radio set with 30 meters range, working smoke generator and the latest sound emulation system.

Taigen Hand Painted Rc Tank – Metal Upgrade – Panther G – 360 Turret

This is a new addition to the Taigen hand painted RC tank collection and one of the best looking so far. The German Panther G is nearly a whopping 2-foot in length and with its striking hand painted body, metal components, including idler wheel, sprocket, tracks, gun, headlights, gearbox, and the realistic sound generator, this tank is a must have for any collector. The Panther G is crammed with features including a powerful BB gun with recoil and sound effects on fire, LED flashing machine gun, upgraded high capacity 2000mAh battery plus a cool smoke generator. The turret rotates a full 360 degrees and has an elevation of 30 degrees. The tank comes with an advanced 2.4 GHz radio system that gives you a longer range, improved reliability and the ability to use multiple models in the same area without having to use different frequency radio sets. From your transmitter you have full control of both the tank movement and all the additional features.