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Approx (APPUSBCARB) USB Compact Car Adapter, 5V 1000mA, White

USB 5V 1000mA output LED indicator Protection against overload and short circuit Compatible with most mobile brands and iPhone  

Sandberg (441-11) Dual USB Car Adapter, QC 3.0 / USB-C Quick Charge, 63W, 5 Year Warranty

With the Sandberg USB-C + QC 3.0 Car Charger, you'll always have a USB port to hand in your car.

Pama 3-pin Plug Dual USB-A Charger, 2 AMP

Pama 3-pin UK USB Charger A 2AMP twin USB wall/mains charger. Rated and tested @ 2AMP, not 'claimed' like some

Pama 3-pin Plug USB-C & USB-A Charger, 3 AMP

A Quick Charge (QC) & Power Delivery (PD) mains charger with ports for a USB-C and a USB-A charging cable