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12″ Long Leg Soft Body Vinyl Face ELF

This fun selection of naughty elf accessories includes a leather jacket and motorbike for your Xmas elf. The motorbike set is for the 12” soft body naughty elf toy and can be purchased as a set or individually allowing you to get creative and make some seriously funny and imaginative selfie scenes.

5″ Elves Behaving Badly Baby ELF RED

These cute baby elves help Santa manage the "naughty and nice" list by reporting back to him every night. These Elf type dolls capture the heart of children and bring the Spirit of Christmas to life


Waterfall rattle in tummy. Pull leaf accessory for vibrating dinosaur. Crinkle & rattle in feet. Ribbon tabs on tail for tactile sense. Rich velour fabrics & high-quality embroidery. Tethered Dolce teether helps to sooth baby's gums. Delivery 2-3 days.

Dolce My First Clock

This first activity clock is a perfect introduction to the concept of time telling to a child. With easy to move hands; interesting knitted body; squeaker and Dolce teether this is great product for a child at any age.

Dolce Play And Learn Monkey

A first introduction to the nurturing & caring of parenting. The adult monkey has a removable cute baby in it's pouch for endless fun. Story telling & the concept of child caring can be explored. Mirror; squeaker; rattle & teethers all add to the fun! Delivery 2-3 days.


Soft velour fabric perfect for cuddling. With Dolce teether; bright contrasting colours in interesting fabrics & baby puffin finger puppet. Bright colours help baby with colour recognition and encourage hand eye coordination. Crinkles & textured. Delivery 2-3 days.

Dolce Pull Along Elephant

Rich velour fabrics and high quality embroidery. Wooden Pull Along detachable wheels. Flower rattle in pocket to awaken auditory senses. Tethered Dolce teether helps to sooth sore gums. Fun crinkle sound in Elephant ears. Delivery 2-3 days.


Fun crinkle sounds in ears. Sliding bead rattle in tummy. Squeaking mouse accessory to awaken auditory sense. Ring collar with hanging fish. Crinkle sounds and mirror in feet. Tethered Dolce teether helps to sooth baby's gums. Delivery 2-3 days.


Octotunes is soft to touch and each tentacle makes a different sound when squeezed. Designed to stimulate and interest baby. Delivery 2-3 days.

Lamaze Repeat Peaty Parrot

Squeaker & crinkle sounds for auditory development. Multiple colors & textures for visual and tactile development. Delivery 2-3 days.


A colourful rocket stacking toy to engage and delight little hands. Delivery 2-3 days.

Little Chick London Comfort Light Little Lamb

Plush lamb toy projects a coloured light show. Soft lights help soothe baby to sleep. Aids sleep with heartbeat noise. 10 lullabies as well as white noise and birdsong. Velcro strap to attach to cot. Battery operated with removable & washable cover. Delivery 2-3 days.