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Brush Baby Dental Wipes Pack Of 28

Soft disposable finger sleeve wipes with tooth-friendly ingredients to help clean little mouths and eliminate decay-causing bacteria.

Tommee Tippee Healthcare Kit

Includes 9 essential items. The kit contains a digital thermometer. Toothbrush. Brush and comb. Nail clippers. Nasal Aspirator and 2 emery boards.

Earth Friendly Baby Lavender Body Lotion

Relaxing organic body lotion ideal for the whole body. 99% Natural. Gentle blend for baby's sensitive skin. No artificial fragrances or colors.

Lansinoh Lanolin Minis 3 X 7ml

Perfect for handbags or changing bags. Highly purified - 100% pure lanolin. Helps soothe and protect. No need to remove before breastfeeding. 100% natural and hypoallergenic. Safe for mum and baby.

Lansinoh Organic Nipple Balm 60ml

Handcrafted to care for tender nipples and dry skin. Made with a unique blend of organic ingredients that are safe for baby and designed for breastfeeding with no smell; taste or colour. Easy to apply and gentle on sensitive skin.

Lansinoh Post-birth Cold & Warm Relief Pad

Relieves pain & discomfort after childbirth. With TheraPearl technology. Can be used either hot or cold. Safe for use during pregnancy; postpartum & while nursing. Includes 1 reusable pad & 12 hygienic sleeves.

Lansinoh Post-birth Wash Bottle

Large 360ml Peri Wash Bottle. For washing the perineal area following childbirth when mums are too tender to use toilet paper. Ergonomic design with collapsible spout. Waterproof storage bag provided.

Lansinoh Pre-birth Organic Preparation Oil

Developed to promote perineal preparation which is proven to help prevent tearing during childbirth. Fast absorbing formula promotes effective massage technique. 100% organic formulation. Hypoallergenic & clinically tested.

Safety 1st Arctic Care & Grooming Baby Vanity

8 baby grooming essentials inside one convenient travel case: Soft Grip Brush; Soft Grip Comb; Cradle Cap Comb; Infant Toothbrush/Gum Stimulator; Toothbrush; Steady Grip Nail Clipper; Emery boards (x8); No Scratch Mittens (2pairs); Travel case.


Squitos are scented lemon eucalyptus citronella stickers specially developed for children. The stickers do not contain any toxic substances. This makes Squitos also suitable for the smallest of children (0+).


This gentle lotion from Bumps & Bloom aims to ensure that your baby's skin is never left irritated, and can be used as a day-to-day moisturiser to help keep your little one's skin soft and nourished.  The calming effects of lavender also leave your baby feeling soothed and relaxed.

Bumps and Bloom – BALM

Bumps and Bloom Baby Balm is the kindest formula that is perfect for dry or irritated skin.  A blend of calendula oil and apricot soothes irritated and dry skin, while chamomile and lavender provide a calming effect to help ease nappy rash, teething rash, or dry skin.